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FOX Sports: Houston and Ballard Test Positive at Combine for Marijuana

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Two players who have been mentioned as possibilities for the Green Bay Packers in the first and second round are Georgia LB Justin Houston, and Iowa DE Christian Ballard. And they both may have tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine. From FOX

Multiple sources told that Georgia outside linebacker/defensive end Justin Houston and Iowa defensive lineman Christian Ballard failed drug tests at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Both players tested positive for marijuana, the sources said.

Before you cross either off your draft board, it was reported that NT B.J. Raji tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine in 2009. Also, a report said that Vikings WR Percy Harvin tested positive in 2009. I doubt either team regrets drafting either player. Maybe none of these reports are true, or maybe it really doesn't matter.