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Ryan Grant on ESPN Radio Regarding The Lockout

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Green Bay Packers RB Ryan Grant was on WSSP in Milwaukee to talk primarily about matters involving the lockout, and the players relationship with the owners. It's a thoughtful interview without any of the reactionary name calling that some players have resorted to. He also explains why no players went to Lambeau Field after the lockout was lifted by Judge Nelson: this thing is far from over. From Sports Radio Interviews:

I understand if people did not know the situation, the masses were probably jumping for joy because initially they just think the lockout is over and everything goes back to what the normal set was, but when people understand that, especially when you’re dealing with legal matters there’s always an appeal for the most part. That is going to take some time...

I think within the next few days you’re going to hear people with more detailed talks around those details, specifically on what can be done now even while this appeal is being set up.