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What Are The Latest Draft Plans For The Green Bay Packers?

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Kevin Seifert was thinking along the same lines as I was for the Green Bay Packers. From the ESPN NFC North blog:

At some point, the Packers will need to find a starter at right outside linebacker, a position four players shared last season. They'll also need to continue developing a transition plan for both offensive tackle positions. Will they accomplish either with the No. 32 pick? Not even the Packers know at this point. There are simply too many variables. 

Will they trade up? Maybe, they did it for LB Clay Matthews in 2009. Will they trade down? Maybe, they did it for WR Jordy Nelson in 2008. Or they might just sit tight and see if the player they want slides down to their spot, as they did last year for RT Bryan Bulaga. There really isn't any consistency with them. Which is a good thing since they want to be flexible depending on what happens.

There will be some very good players available, depending on how those players rank on their draft board. But there could be teams who are very eager to trade up at the end of tonight. GM Ted Thompson will probably have to wait until he's on the clock before he'll hear their best offers.