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Washington Post: Six First Round Quarterbacks

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My latest at The League looks at what I consider a weak draft class for quarterbacks, and the fact that quarterback desperate teams might select six of them in the first round. The top two are Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert. Pro Football Talk reported that Jake Locker and Andy Dalton will be taken in the top 20. Colin Kaepernick has been invited to the draft. Ryan Mallett rounds out the top six. Maybe I should have even included Florida State QB Christian Ponder (who would push the total up to seven).

In total, that group makes six quarterbacks who all come with potential and question marks. And all six of those quarterbacks may be drafted in the first round, which would set a new record. But based on the history of the NFL draft, not all these teams and players will succeed. And in a weak year, where some quarterback-desperate team might be forced to reach for one in the first round, there are certain to be some failures.

The good news for the Green Bay Packers, who won't be tempted to draft any of them, is that there might be more players rated high on their draft board who become available when they select at the end of the first round.