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Packers First Round Pick: Mississippi State LT Derek Sherrod

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My analysis of the Green Bay Packers selection of Mississippi State LT Derek Sherrod in the first round is relatively easy because he's a player I've written about a lot over the past couple weeks. Here's what I wrote at Mocking The Draft when I selected him in the SB Nation NFL writers mock draft:

He has the size and athleticism to project as either a left or right tackle, and his excellent college career has shown that he's not a project. While his experience (50 games started in college) would indicate a smooth transition into the NFL, with the Packers, he'll have the luxury of spending at least one season on the sidelines behind veteran LT Chad Clifton and 2010 first-round selection RT Bryan Bulaga. Mike McCarthy has spoken very highly of Clifton in recent weeks, and the veteran had a solid 2010 season. But he sat out nearly every other practice as the years and multiple surgeries are wearing him down. He'll be entering year two of a three-year contract he signed in 2010, and I don't expect he'll continue playing after the 2012 season.

Mel Kiper mentioned this after the pick was made, that now the Packers have the luxury of having Sherrod and Bulaga, and they can play them on either the left or right side. This selection helps the Packers keep their eyes on one of their primary goals: protect QB Aaron Rodgers.