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Who Did The Packers Pass On In The First Round?

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LT Derek Sherrod was my pick for the Green Bay Packers at the end of the first round for the last couple weeks. But he wasn't everyone's pick, and they did pass on a few players who might have been better choices.

Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers. He wasn't someone who was mentioned at this site in connection with the Packers because we all expected to him to be long gone. He was a top 5 pick before knee troubles surfaced, and he was rumored to have slipped into the later part of the first round after Clemson's pro day didn't convince teams that his knee was sound. When healthy, he's a complete player who can dominate against the run and rush the quarterback. But knee troubles are something to be taken seriously. Think back to DE Jamal Reynolds.

UCLA LB Akeem Ayers. He's not the next Clay Matthews, and his ceiling might be the next LB Nick Barnett. He's a quality player, but a slow 40 time at the NFL combine began his slide down draft boards. A very productive player in college who could have been a solid outside linebacker.

Georgia LB Justin Houston. He was frequently mentioned as a pick for the Packers on this site, but he didn't help himself by testing positive for marijuana at the combine. He remains one of the best pass rushers available. He played end and linebacker in college, and maybe the Packers didn't believe he could drop back into coverage in the NFL.

Arizona LB Brooks Reed. A player who didn't impress in college, but was a workout star at the combine. And he's been frequently linked to the Packers. Apparently every late first round outside linebacker candidate was a possibility, and apparently the Packers weren't blown away by any of them.

Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure. Not a huge need, with the expected return of RB Ryan Grant, and the emergence of RB James Starks, but he could have been a replacement for free agent RB Brandon Jackson. Obviously the Packers didn't feel they needed to replace Jackson (if they decide to replace him at all) with a first round pick.

Texas CB Aaron Williams. Cornerback wasn't a big need, but they could add depth and Williams would have been a likely candidate. Miami CB Brandon Harris is another similar, short, cornerback.