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Round Two NFL Mock Draft (Update)

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Here's last week's 2011 NFL mock draft, second round, from SB Nation. Obviously a number of these picks no longer make sense. RB Mark Ingram, and QB Christian Ponder, were selected in the first round. And some are unlikely such as the Vikings selection of QB Ryan Mallett. Some of these picks have been traded too, for example the Falcons can't draft Wisconsin TE Lance Hendricks because they traded away all their draft picks for the next two years to select WR Julio Jones. Still no sign of the Seahawks surprise first round pick, James Carpenter.

Here are a few selections from the SB Nation second round mock draft that would make a lot of sense:

36. Denver. Oregon State DT Stephen Paea. He would have been a first round pick if he wasn't recovering from an injury. After passing on Marcell Dareus for Von Miller, they could still use a defensive lineman.

43. Minnesota. They aren't going to draft another quarterback, but the SB Nation mock draft had them selecting DE Da'Quan Bowers in the first round, and they might have another shot at him in the second.

44. Detroit. Louisville CB Johnny Patrick. It's hard to dislike the Lions selection of Auburn DT Nick Fairley in the first round, but their defensive line was already the best unit on their team. They still need help in the secondary, and Patrick would be a great pick for them here.

62. Chicago. LSU DT Drake Nevis. The Bears needed an offensive lineman, and they got one in the first round. The defensive line is a priority too, where DT Tommie Harris is gone, and DT Anthony Adams is a free agent.

64. Green Bay. Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams. He's a good value at the end of the second round, but he wasn't much of a receiver in college, and he wouldn't appear to be a good fit as the third down back. This would be a good time for the Packers to find a defensive lineman. I suggested Miami DE Allen Bailey in the SB Nation NFL writers mock draft.