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ESPN: Bengals Tried To Trade For Packers First Round Pick

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The article by Chris Mortenson is focused mostly on the Cincinnati Bengals pursuit of a quarterback, presumably TCU's Andy Dalton. I assume they would have traded their high second round pick, plus a mid-round pick, to move up. GM Ted Thompson told reporters that he got some calls but wasn't interested. He might have been more interested than he let on because the Packers did let the clock run out on their pick. But it also means that LT Derek Sherrod isn't just the best available guy pick, but the Packers really were targeting him.

To move down three picks wouldn't have been much of a drop, but the two teams ahead of the Bengals in round two are the Patriots and the Bills. I doubt the Patriots would draft another offensive lineman, but they're known to make trades. And the Bills could certainly use an offensive lineman. Sherrod could have been taken in one of those two spots. And it also means that they weren't looking for a great player at any position because there are certainly several more players with first round grades remaining.

As for the Bengals, they don't have a long wait, but they should have a legitimate concern that the Patriots might find a quarterback needy team that wants to trade up. Or that the Bills might draft Dalton themselves.