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Packers Links - Your Slice of Cheese for 4/4

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Everyone, I'm back in the saddle, perusing the internets for links that are either Packers-related or football-related and interesting in general. So get your clicking fingers ready, because here we go.

Madden 12 will emphasize concussions, safety
Concussions in football games are taken more seriously than ever before. And going forward, that will hold true in the next edition of the Madden football video game franchise. I understand using all avenues to try to teach kids and athletes about the severity of head injuries, but is this taking it too far?

New scouting technology could give teams an edge in NFL draft
Technology and scouting are finally coming together in the NFL. Is this going to be football's version of "Moneyball"? I think Billy Beane would approve.

Fans should plan ahead for 'Super' homecoming
The Milwaukee Brewers have released every detail for Monday's home opener but one: Who's throwing the ceremonial first pitch? Expect some green and gold this afternoon.

You'll find a few more links are after the jump.

Top 10 drives of 2010 is conducting a retrospective of the 2010 season with a series of ‘Top 10’ lists, which will look back at all the big happenings that helped produce the franchise’s 13th world championship. The first list covers the 10 most impactful drives of the season.

Soft at the top but RB class has depth Editor Vic Ketchman comments on the running back crop in this editorial on the 2011 NFL draft. There aren't many big names likely to start in Week 1, but bargains can be found in the middle and late rounds.

Despite suit, Von Miller accepts NFL's draft invite
Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, who is the only rookie plaintiff in the players' antitrust lawsuit against the National Football League, has accepted an invitation to attend the NFL draft on April 28. I wonder what Drew Brees and Peyton Manning think about this plan.

Enjoy, but not too much.