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Packers President Mark Murphy Addresses Former Players

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Over at Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio (who's coming down hard on both sides in the labor battle) points out a letter drafted by Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy to retired players. Murphy's involved because he is a retired player himself. Here's the final paragraph:

"Commissioner Goodell and the owners are prepared to resume collective bargaining immediately. The longer we wait, the more economically difficult it will be to reach an agreement. When we do resume negotiations – and we will – our top priorities for a new agreement will include the benefit improvements described in this letter. We do not know what the NFLPA may seek for current players, but we will not set aside your needs. Your voice needs to be heard, and we will listen."

The goal is obviously to use Murphy's status as a retired player to gain some sympathy for the owners from former players. I don't expect it to make a big difference, as the labor battle continues it's standoff.