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Slice of Cheese for 4/5

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Professional golfer Mark Wilson and his caddie like their cheese, and so should you.
Professional golfer Mark Wilson and his caddie like their cheese, and so should you.

What do you need to make your lunch break a little more interesting? Some cheese for that sandwich! Here are your lunch links for April 5.

Packers president Mark Murphy tells NFL retirees about offer to union
Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy and Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson wrote Monday to NFL retirees to outline elements of the offer the league made to the union during negotiations last month.

NFL refuses to meet with NFLPA lawyers ahead of hearing
The Players' Association reached out to the NFL for negotiations last week, but the owners shot down the attempt. This is a sign that the two sides are still miles apart.

Vikings stadium plan receives few cheers
It doesn't sound like the plan for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium is progressing very well. The lockout certainly can't be helping.

More to come...

Purdue DE Kerrigan confirms he will be on hand for draft
Another likely first-round draft pick announced his plan to attend the draft. There's no word yet on the plans of former Badgers J.J. Watt or Gabe Carimi.

WR crop has depth; bad year for TEs examines the receiver positions for the upcoming draft. Much to my dismay, Jeff Maehl isn't mentioned.

White, Davis, KGB: Who's top pass rusher?'s latest Top 10 list examines the best sackmasters in franchise history. Number 1 should be no surprise.

Packers' Grant hires private jet to make his pitch
Ryan Grant had to go to extraordinary measures to make it to Miller Park on time on Monday.

Enjoy with discretion. And while you're at it, teach your kids some discretion, too.