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Mocking The Draft Community Draft Redux: Green Bay

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First of all: Many thanks to CByers for putting this draft together. Without him, it's unlikely that this would have happened.

This past weekend, I was fortunate to represent the Packers in the second community draft of 2011. I couldn't have done this alone at all, many thanks to APC regulars Shoes31, Omaha Sun, and Yankees10. And by far, the biggest contributor to this draft was pieterzen, who gladly contributed his own time to this draft and pitched in his list as soon as he could.

The rules of the draft were fairly simple: interested drafters had to submit a list of players they would prefer at each draft spot BEFORE they became a team's representatives. As it turned out, this massively cut down on time; if a team's representative wasn't there to make the pick, CByers would make the pick from the list. Simple, right? The draft itself proceeded fairly smoothly, with the exception of some bad trades in the opening rounds (Philadelphia somehow getting a top 10 selection from Tennessee; which worked out as well for Tennessee as you'd expect, and New Orleans passing on Mark Ingram TWICE, the second time after trading 2 3rd rounders so they could move up in the 2nd round).

Round 1, Pick 32: Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia
Round 2, Pick 32: Christian Ballard, DE/DT, Iowa
Round 3, Pick 32: Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

It was in the 3rd that the Packers traded the 32nd pick of the 4th round and the 32nd pick of the 6th round to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 25th pick of the 4th round.

Round 4, Pick 25: Chimdi Chekwa, CB, Ohio State
Round 4, Pick 34 (Compensatory selection): Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin
Round 5, Pick 32: Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas State
Round 7, Pick 1 (the J.J. Jansen trade pick): Justin Boren, OG, Ohio State
Round 7, Pick 32: David Gilreath, WR/KR, Wisconsin

Here's the full list of the draft selections taken.

In Undrafted Free Agency (limited to 4 players after the draft was completed), the Packers picked up...

Dane Sanzenbacher, WR, Ohio State
Vai Taua, RB, Nevada
Derrell Smith, LB, Syracuse
Jay Valai, S, Wisconsin

The Division Rivals draft selections:

(NOTE: Numbers may not necessarily be accurate. If I made a mistake here, call me out and I'll correct it)

Chicago: Their first couple selections came off the list they gave to CByers, but IndyBearsFan88 selected Doss, Barnes, and Carter.

Round 1, Pick 29: Aaron Williams
Round 2, Pick 30: Orlando Franklin
Round 3, Pick 29: Tandon Doss
Round 4: Pick 30: Tim Barnes
Round 5, Pick 29: David Carter
Round 6, Pick 30: Noel Devine

Detroit: NorthLeft12 made their picks, and did a damn good job of it.

Round 1, Pick 13: Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal
Round 2, Pick 27: Titus Young, WR, Boise State
Round 3, Pick 11: Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State
Round 3, Pick 28: Quan Sturdivant, LB, North Carolina
Round 4, Pick 10: Delone Carter, RB, Syracse
Round 5, Pick 23: David Mims, OL, Virginia Union
Round 5, Pick 28: Doug Hogue, DB, West Virginia
Round 7, Pick 30: Zane Taylor, C, Utah

Minnesota: MarkSP18 made their picks.

Round 1, Pick 12: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
Round 2, Pick 12: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas
Round 4, Pick 9: Buster Skrine, CB, Tennessee-Chattanooga
Round 5, Pick 8: Jordan Cameron, TE, U$C
Round 6, Pick 7: Chris Conte, DB, California
Round 7, Pick 14: Brandon Hogan, DB, West Virginia
Round 7, Pick 33: Alex Linnenkohl, OL, Oregon State


What do you think?