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CSN Chicago: Cullen Jenkins Is The Bears Priority In Free Agency

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Echoing White92: I would not want to see DE Cullen Jenkins leave the Green Bay Packers for the Chicago Bears either. However, it's a possibility according to John Mullen of CSN Chicago:

Consider Adams along with Jenkins the top two signing priorities, ahead of center Olin Kreutz in some organization thinking.

Adams is NT Anthony Adams, who I expected the Bears would be eager to re-sign, though I wrote last week that he expected to be the odd man out in free agency. I didn't believe it, so it's no surprise that Mullen expects the Bears want to re-sign Adams.

Unfortunately, Jenkins makes a lot of sense for the Bears. They've been missing an inside pass rush since dominant DT Tommie Harris vanished a couple years ago. Plus, they could use another pass rushing defensive lineman other than DE Julius Peppers. It's important for their defensive scheme that the four-man line provides the rush so their linebackers don't have to blitz.