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Wednesday's Big Day In Court Leaves The Labor Battle Unresolved

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Unfortunately April 6th was a day that the NFL owners and players had circled on their calendar for the past few weeks because it was the day the players request for "an injunction against the lockout by the owners" was heard by the Judge. Unfortunately it was a day short on drama because Judge Nelson only listened to the lawyers for both sides, and won't rule on the injunction for a couple more weeks. How something appears in the courtroom can often be the opposite of how it really turns out, so take Judge Nelson's comment with a grain of salt:

At another point, Nelson, speaking in a polite-yet-assertive Minnesota drawl, pointed at the players and said to Boies, "These folks, they can decertify if they want to."

One of the owners' main arguments is that the union can't decertify, but it seems backwards that an employer would force an employee into a union.

If there's no union, there can't be a lockout, and the players under contract can get back to work. The offseason would resume. The owners might try and force something on players who aren't under contract, but there's a separate lawsuit going on that will resolve that antitrust matter.