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NHL Weighs In On NFL Injunction

The NFL is appealing Judge Susan Nelson's order to lift the injunction to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The players have until May 20th to respond, so nothing's happening until then. But it's a little sad to see the NHL file a brief in support of the NFL owners since the NHL is best known for starting a labor battle that ended their 2004-05 season.

More on the NHL's position from Mike Florio:

The NHL is focusing on principles of federal law that, from the naturally skewed perspective of a sports league, prevent a union when faced with a lockout from shutting down the union and filing an antitrust lawsuit.

I don't think the NHL labor battle has a lot in common with current NFL battle. Back in 2004, the NHL players wanted a MLB style luxury tax, while the owners wanted a NFL style salary cap. That's a bigger fundamental difference then the issues keeping the NFL owners and players apart. But I didn't like seeing the NHL, with their history of a lost season, involved in the NFL labor battle.