Potential 2011 Depth Chart, Position by Position

Looking at the draft of 2011 for the Packers, along with the current roster and the anticipation of players leaving, I went ahead and devised a potential 2011 depth chart. Most of the starters are the same as last season because we were so good, but the backups and depth players are different at most positions.

This isn't exactly 52 players, it's a few more, but these are players that have good chances to make the team.

Notable Departees (Thru FA, Cut, or possibly a trade I guess): DE Cullen Jenkins, SS Atari Bigby, LB Nick Barnett, T Mark Tauscher, FB Korey Hall, G Daryn College.

Note: (DR) means added through the NFL Draft this past weekend.


Rodgers is the undisputed #1. Flynn is the undisputed backup, but only if he stays in Green Bay. Flynn will be a free agent after this upcoming season, and will almost surely be fished out by a starter-size contract. Thompson could try to trade Flynn for a 2nd round pick either before or during the season. Graham Harrell has a chance of making the team as the 3rd string, but the Packers don't always keep 3, and if it matters Randall Cobb has a pretty good arm (it probably doesn't). Anyways, here's the depth chart.

Running Backs & Fullbacks

Ryan Grant should be coming back healthy from ankle surgery, but a surging James Starks wil challenge his starting job. However, I feel Grant will atleast open the season as the starter.
We drafted Alex Green in the 3rd round last week. He is good portion sized back at 220, and also possesses some recieving skills. He is, however, only a rookie and I'm not sure if the FO is content with him as our 3DRB. John Kuhn was decent in that role last season, but look for him to switch back to full back full time. This together means that Thompson might go after a player like Jason Snelling, an ultra versatile back who can be most effective on 3rd downs, blocking and then catching passes. He caught 44 last season in Atlanta. Snelling also played some FB.

If Jason Snelling or a versatile player like him was signed in free agency, Kuhn could move back to FB full time, and we could let go of Hall and Johnson. Crabtree also could line up in the backfield as a blocker.

Running backs


Full backs

* Ryan Grant

* Aaron Rodgers

John Kuhn

James Starks

Matt Flynn

Jason Snelling (FA, ATL)

Jason Snelling (FA, ATL) (3DRB)

Graham Harrell

Tom Crabtree

Alex Green (DR)

Randall Cobb (DR)

John Kuhn

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

Greg Jennings is the best wideout on the Green Bay Packers. But who is number 2? I'd say Jordy Nelson, who made a significant improvement last season, and came up huge in the Super Bowl. Driver is getting older, and is becoming injury prone. And let's not act like James Jones is already gone...there is no free agency right now, and why wouldn't he want to resign with the Super Bowl Champs? Yes, he will definitely look to see if he could get starter money elsewhere, but he can't now and the Pack might go ahead and extend him. With Driver aging, and our offense requiring 4 strong WRs, I can't see Thompson letting Jones go without a fight. Driver will probably be the 4th WR at the start of the season, but almost surely will get injured giving Cobb the bump up. And sadly, Swain would be forced out.

We have our top-tier TE for now and the future in Jermichael Finley. The next spot for 2 TE formations is up for grabs. Quarless seems to be the favorite, but that is assuming he makes improvements from last season. D.J. Williams, a rookie 5th round pick, has a shot if he stays healthy and surprises everyone. Tom Crabtree is probably the best blocker of the trio, but laggs behind in receiving ability and athleticism to create in space. I honestly see Williams making a big move during the preseason with his in-game production, and taking the #2 spot.

Together, we have stellar WR and TEs. We will run some more 4- and 5- wide sets this season, where Finley will be a force in the middle along with quick shots to Cobb.

Wide Receiver 1

Wide Reciever 2

Tight Ends

* Greg Jennings

* Jordy Nelson

* Jermichael Finley

* Donald Driver

Randall Cobb (DRAFT)

D.J. Williams (DRAFT)

Brett Swain

Jermichael Finley

Andrew Quarless

Tom Crabtree

Offensive Line

Drafting Derek Sherrod surely helped out the state of our offensive line, as he could take over for Clifton at LT, go to RT and move Bulaga Left, or backup both positions and then start in 2012. We are set at LG with Josh Sitton, but the other gaurd is not clear yet. T.J. Lang appears to be frontrunning for the positon, but bringing back Daryn Colledge could potentially suggest otherwise. Not to say that Lang couldn't beat out Colledge. Scott Wells is our center. Here's my depth chart.

Left Tackle




Right Tackle

Chad Clifton

T.J. Lang

Scott Wells

Josh Sitton

Bryan Bulaga

Derek Sherrod (DRAFT)

Marshall Newhouse

Jason Spitz

Nick McDonald

Marshall Newhouse

Chris Campbell

C. Shauderloff (DRAFT)

Evan D-Smith

Defensive Line

It doesn't seem that Cullen Jenkins will remain in town, but there is still hope. Actually, we should still be a powerful line without him. B.J. Raji and Ryan Pickett, if healthy, are locks to start (and they are both 330+, amazing), but there are a few candidates are start at DE with them. Sophmore Mike Neal missed all of last season on IR, and looks healthy, but C.J. Wilson emerged as a viable candidate. And you still can't rule out 360-lb Howard Green (damn dat boi iz big). I think Wilson will win the spot, with Neal, Green, Guy (7th rd pick) and Wynn also making the team.

Defensive End

Nose Tackle

Defensive End

B.J. Raji

Ryan Pickett

C.J. Wilson

Mike Neal

B.J. Raji

Lawrence Guy (DR)

Howard Green

Jarious Wynn


We have a top league pass rusher in Clay Matthews, a solid, young ILB in Desmon Bishop, and another semi-young inside player in A.J. Hawk. Hawk and Bishop aren't stars, but are as solid as can be with a few big plays mixed in. The questions that loom are as follows:
1. Who starts opposite Clay Matthews, and can they get consistent pressure on the QB?
2. What happens to Barnett?
Well right now, I feel Frank Zombo has the best chance to start at OLB. He got the most consistent pressure on the QB, and I looks OK backing into coverage. Walden, a street pickup, is another candidate. He played huge with 10+ tackles and 2 sacks against the Bears for a playoff berth, but wasn't very effective after that. They will both get looks as will Brad Jones, but in the end I feel Zombo will win it.
As for Barnett, I don't know enough about what his situation is to call it, but from how APC was buzzing back in February, I think he will be gone. He is getting paid alot but can't stay healthy and won't start over either Bishop or Hawk.

Outside LB

Inside LB

Inside LB

Outside LB

Clay Matthews

Desmond Bishop

A.J. Hawk

Frank Zombo

Brad Jones

Brandon Chillar

Brady Poppinga

Erik Walden

Brady Poppinga

D.J. Smith (DR)

Rob Francois

Ricky Elmore


Tramon Williams will take over C-Dub's former position as the #1, shutdown corner. He played more of that role last season and with Woodson getting older, Williams will almost surely be lining up against Calvin Johnson and such. Shields was solid last season, but should improve to this season. Davon House (4th round) will be a rookie, but could get on the field early if there is an injury or Capers calls for 6 DBs. Jarrett Bush will hopefully be resigned because of his special teams, but came up big in the Super Bowl not too long ago, and should be a decent cover man if called upon. I also could see Brandon Underwood finally breaking through, and possibly even becoming the 4th corner on the depth chart.

Nick Collins is the lock in at FS, and Morgan Burnett should be penciled in early for SS. Burnett was very solid as a rookie until going on IR in the 4th or 5th week. Plus, Bigby might be gone, as he is constantly injured and is only an average safety. Peprah played well as the starter down the stretch and in the playoffs, and should be retained. Bush will be playing some safety if an injury goes down, but he has played there before and should be fine. I wouldn't be surprised to see Thompson look at a free agent like Bernard Pollard. He was in Houston last season, and will be unwanted by most teams in free agency. He was victimized many times in Houston 32nd ranked Pass D. But Pollard was paired with other weak defensive backs and not enough pass rush. He struggles in coverage, but is an excellent tackler and is tough as nails. He would be fine as a backup S or even 3rd string but would be one of our best special teamers.



Tramon Williams

Free Safety

Strong Safety

Charles Woodson

Sam Shields

Nick Collins

Morgan Burnett

Brandon Underwood

Davon House (DR)

Charlie Peprah

Bernard Pollard (FA, HOU)

Jarrett Bush

Jarrett Bush

Davon House (DR)

Special Teams

Randall Cobb will return kicks and punts. It's that simple. But if he gets hurt, then it won't be simple. Nelson and Tramon Williams both have return experience, but are pivotal players on the field. Maybe they will give Alex Green a shot.

Mason Crosby is our kicker right now. If he struggles, he wil be replaced. Tim Masthay is our punter.

So this is all I've got.

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