Stay Classy Green Bay

File this one in the Ron Burgundy thumbs up file. Yesterday it was announced that the Packers are sending Al Harris a Super Bowl ring. I was hoping that the Pack would do something like this because Al Harris deserved it. Sure he really didn't play a down for our Super Bowl run, but that's not really important if you think about it. Going into the year the Packers were counting on Harris, and the only reason that he wasn't our nickel and saving us from disappointments from Lee and Underwood, or the nightmare of a full year of Jarett Bush at nickel, is the sudden emergence of Sam Shields.

Really this move reminds me of what the Colts did for Edgerrin James a couple years ago. Here is a long time player who is part of the family and loses his spot due to the cold nature of the business. It wasn't personal and there is still plenty of respect and love between the two sides. Sometimes that's just the way things go in the NFL. The classy teams find a way to make small gestures though and make sure the guys who give to the organization stay a part of the family for many years. It looks like Murphy, Thompson, and company are trying to make sure that one of long time fan favorites knows that he's always welcome here....good call and stay classy guys!

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