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SB Nation: On Matt Flynn's Future

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I've written about how it seems likely the Green Bay Packers will trade QB Matt Flynn, who's currently on the tailgate tour and having to answer questions about the lockout and his own future. From Joel Thorman at SB

It'll be interesting to see what happens when the league is back open for business and teams start thinking about making trades. What may hurt him in the trade market is that there was a run on quarterbacks early in the 2011 NFL draft so there aren't as many teams on the market for a quarterback. 

But for those teams that are looking, Flynn has to at least be on their radar.

As a side note, I recently exchanged emails with a Miami Dolphins blogger. I'm not sure if they've been rumored to be interested, but there's no doubt that QB Chad Henne isn't beloved. And they didn't draft a quarterback either. I'd like to see Flynn succeed somewhere, and some team is going to be very happy to have him.