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Washington Post: A Huge Loss For Fans in Court

The court ruling on Monday sounded the alarm that the lockout might remain on for a while. At least as long as it takes the NLRB to investigate the NFL's claim that the union decertification is proof the union is negotiating in bad faith. My latest on the topic from the League at Washington

The Eighth Circuit has doubts whether the district court had jurisdiction to hear the case, which is a common way out for judges in many cases. That doesn’t mean the Eighth Circuit is wrong, and it should have been expected that the NFL's claim filed with the NLRB has jurisdiction until the investigation is complete. This is a ruling against the players and the fans because the prospect of a shortened lockout just got a lot longer. Now the players might decide they have to go the distance with their antitrust lawsuit.

With the players likely to lose again in June, after the 8th Circuit hears oral arguments on lifting the injunction, Pro Football Talk began speculation on how far the former union is willing to go, and how long before the players start applying pressure for a settlement. The players have some strong leaders, but we'll have to wait and see how united the players are in a month or two.