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On Charles Woodson, The Defensive Line, and Vince Lombardi

I haven't done a daily clipping article for the Green Bay Packers in a while, but I wanted to give it another go. I'm not a big fan of these types of posts, so any comments about them is appreciated. Thanks.

Charles Woodson's Collarbone "Feels Fine" | Cheesehead TV. I wrote about this same subject recently, but I didn't have a quote from Charles Woodson himself to go along with it. Broken bones should heal just fine.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS | Four Downs: NFC North. Mike Tanier doesn't think the Packers did enough to address the defensive line in the draft. I wrote a comment recently that unless the Packers could have drafted a starter, they have enough depth on the defensive line for next season.

Flash Points: Franchise-turning events - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Unsurprisingly the hiring of Vince Lombardi was the choice. While that's a major event in the history of the NFL, period, I'm a little more old-school. I look back to the 1920s when Green Bay managed to keep their NFL franchise while so many similar cities were losing their teams at the start of the Great Depression. Those early Packer fans who kept the team going are due a thanks from all current fans.