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La Canfora: Reggie White signing a "defining move"

In a slow offseason, Jason La Canfora looks back at the Green Bay Packers signing of DE Reggie White. From

Well, Green Bay landed White, who, not only was a dominant player, but he was one of the most beloved players in the league across all positions. He was "The Pastor," and others gravitated to him because of the man and player he was. His arrival in Wisconsin changed the path of the Packers franchise and became indicative of the kind of shrewd, calculated forays into free agency that would become Green Bay's hallmark.

Click through the link to to watch a highlight reel. A lot of the film in that clip is from his days with the Eagles, which is fair because arguably his best individual performance happened when he played for their team. I'm still in awe of his club move, where he'd use his right arm to throw an off-balance 300+ lb. offensive lineman out of his way. There are a lot of great pass rushers in the NFL today, but I can't think of a single one who's that strong.