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2011 NFL Draft Recap: Packers Draft Sherrod, Cobb, and Green In First Three Rounds

While I had predicted the Green Bay Packers would select Sherrod in the first round, based on the age of LT Chad Clifton and the value in selecting him at No. 32 overall, the other two positions in the first three rounds weren't as obvious. It's more obvious if you look at it with an eye towards free agency, and the likely departures of a couple players.

Overall this was another typically good draft organized by GM Ted Thompson. Not everyone is a household name, but they selected promising players, I see how they can fit on the roster, and they added depth at several different positions. If you like what he's done in the past, then this draft is very promising.

First round, No. 32 overall. Mississippi State LT Derek Sherrod. Mike McCarthy said that "The early conversations are we'll focus about the left side right now" for him, which makes since if he's a future replacement for Clifton. Or even a replacement at left guard next season if Daryn Colledge leaves as a free agent. But he looks like a left tackle, and they drafted him because he moves his feet very well for a man of his size. From this video, he appears to have a quick first step that will help him keep ahead of speed rushers on the left size, and move past the line of scrimmage to quickly take on linebackers and defensive backs on running plays. 

Second round, No. 64 overall. Kentucky WR Randall Cobb. Mike McCarthy spoke on drafting players with high character, and Ken from A Sea of Blue told me in an email that the Packers got at least one of those players in Cobb. He'll potentially replace free agent WR James Jones, but I could see a scenario where Jones comes back anyway to play the same role while Cobb replacing WR Brett Swain and returns kicks.

But what sold me on Cobb as a Packers receiver was the following highlight video. Watch Cobb in the open field as shows the ability to make a turn at full speed. He could record a lot of yards after the catch, which is something the Packers have looked for in their other receivers.
Third round, No. 96 overall. Hawaii RB Alex Green. I don't expect free agent RB Brandon Jackson will return, and the Packers have appeared to have found his replacement as a third down back. Green played in a spread offense at Hawaii, which might make him an ideal third down back. Mike McCarthy said that "the spread definitely carries over in situations of football such as third down...his ability to recognize protections and one-back runs and all components that we have in our offense." Green's ability to block in pass protection was the first thing McCarthy mentioned about him. He's got some skill as a runner too because he ran for 8.1 ypc in 2010, and projects very well based on his speed score. For his size, he's a very fast runner. But his first role with the Packers will be as a third down back and to protect QB Aaron Rodgers.