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On Motivation To Win The NFC North, To Return From Injury, and To Never Play For The Vikings Again

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The daily links are not centered on the Green Bay Packers as much as usual, but they're all still focused on the NFC North.

Lovie Smith: I agree with Brian Urlacher, but Packers have the ring | ProFootballTalk. More on the origins of this story from White92's Fanpost earlier this week.

Packers’ Motivation: Win NFC North | Cheesehead TV. Great quote from Tony Wilson. FB John Kuhn said, "we did not win the NFC North. I think that's eating at a lot of guys right now."

12 Green Bay Packers With Something to Prove in 2011 | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. Speaking of something to prove. In the first link above, the Bears want to prove they're the best, but in the second link, so do the Packers. While Zach Kruse focused on a lot of players, two players near the top of his list got my attention: RB Ryan Grant and TE Jermichael Finley. They're both good players, and the Packers just won the Super Bowl without needing either of them. 

Catching up on Packer news and notes - JSOnline. LB Desmond Bishop predicts the end of the lockout, "July 12, we'll be back. I'm calling it."

Ray Edwards: I’d rather be a boxer than a player for the Vikings | ProFootballTalk. He's a good player and the Packers are helped by the Vikings loss. But what really surprised me was his public trashing of the only NFL team he's ever played for. It's rare for a player to do that, especially when it's still possible they'll give him the long-term contract he wants.