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How Much Are The Vikings Hurt By The Lockout?

ESPN's John Clayton puts the Green Bay Packers somewhere in the middle of teams at an advantage or disadvantage during the lockout. That's fair because while little will change for the Packers in either personnel or scheme next season, they aren't doing much in terms of player organized workouts. The players on the Saints, Falcons, and Cowboys sure seem to be doing a lot without their coaches. 

At the bottom of his list is the Minnesota Vikings, though they're essentially tied for last with the TitansFrom John Clayton:

Ponder had only a brief meeting with new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and is having to learn the playbook on his own. He's thinking of getting a couple of his wide receivers together for some throwing sessions in Florida, but there is another problem. Minneapolis, like Green Bay and Buffalo, is not an offseason home for most of the players. Warmer climates such as Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas and New Orleans have significant edges because they can get three dozen players together without difficulty.

I'm more inclined to agree with LB A.J. Hawk that these sessions don't accomplish much without the coaches organizing them. If Christian Ponder really wants to help the Vikings in 2011, he'll make sure he avoids a holdout at all cost, so when the lockout is over and the players and coaches get back on schedule, he'll spend as much time with them at practice as he can.