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Is Gabe Carimi A Future NFL Left Tackle or Right Tackle?

While it's the Chicago Bears concern whether their first round pick, OL Gabe Carimi, is a left or right tackle, I find it more interesting because he's a former Wisconsin Badger that I watched play a lot over the past couple years. The topic has come up for discussion at and the Chicago Tribune this week.

Dan Pompei wrote, "every NFL team I have spoken with thought he would be best as a right tackle in the pros." And I don't understand why. I guess he seemed a little stiff in college, but he also seemed to move as well as any NFL left tackle I watched. Maybe scouts are biased against him in that regard because Wisconsin ran the ball so much.

In the short-term, it seems likely he'll be the Bears starting left tackle because he's clearly their best option, but Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson leaves the door open to move Carimi to right tackle in the future.