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Tex's Pilgrimage to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

It's the off-season, and a slow one at that with the lockout sapping the excitement out of the NFL. Here's something to help pass the time until we have real football news to talk about.

Now that I've lived in Ohio for nearly a year, I've had the chance to get to know a number of people in the area, and some of my closest friends are fellow Packers fans in Central Ohio. We're a lively bunch, who get together every gameday at a nearby bar to watch our team on the gridiron. It's more than just a random group of people, though, as we regularly meet up in the offseason for various events, whether it's a charity bowling tournament, a potluck, or, as was the case a few weekends ago, a caravan to Canton to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Naturally, we were mainly focused on seeing the Packers items, memorabilia, and history at the Hall. In particular, I was interested in the stories of the early days of the NFL, back when teams like the Canton Bulldogs, Dayton Triangles, and Milwaukee Badgers were members of the league. I was not disappointed, as there were many displays and videos of the early history of the league. But without question, the crown jewel of the Hall is the bust room, where the heads of 267 of the greatest football players stare into your soul. After the jump are photos of the heads of almost every enshrined Green Bay Packer (somehow I missed Johnny "Blood" McNally).

After making our way through the memorabilia and history sections, we made it to the giant 20-foot by 42-foot theater, which showed the NFL Films recap of Super Bowl XLV. Seeing Aaron Rodgers' pinpoint throw to Greg Jennings on that massive screen made me appreciate even more how ridiculous his accuracy was in that game.

Follow the jump for my photos from the Hall.