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Washington Post: The Vikings Stadium Situation

In my latest article on The League at the Washington, I look back at the Vikings stadium situation. All the parties appear interested in making a deal, but there is a significant funding gap to make the stadium a reality.

The focus of my article is that the Vikings are going to get a sweet deal in Minnesota. While they'll contribute approximately $400 million to the stadium construction (estimated price tag of $1.2 billion), as much as $150 million of that will come from the NFL, and another $125 million from personal seat licenses paid by season ticket holders. Might the Vikings get a new $1.2 billion stadium and only have to pay around $125 million?

Here's an excerpt from my article:

The state legislative session, however, ended without a bill for a new stadium. And unless the parties can agree on who’s going to pay for $131 million in road construction plus a retractable roof, this is a deal that the state of Minnesota may decide to pass on. Even if it costs them their NFL team.