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PFT: Packers Top Four Worst Moments Since 1987

While I've ran through the Green Bay Packers worst draft choices in recent memory, I haven't done what Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk did and discussed the Packers top four worst moments since 1987. Here's a link to the video.

At No. 4 (ironically), he had Brett Favre's return to Lambeau (and victory) in 2009. Agreed, that sucked.

No. 3 was the 4th and 26 debacle against the Eagles in the 2003 playoffs. Yep.

No. 2 was the Super Bowl loss to the Broncos. While it was very disappointing, and tough loss, at least they made it to the Super Bowl and made a game of it. The Packers were huge favorites, but I was really worried going into the game that the defense could hold up. It didn't. I'm sure not everyone felt the same way.

No. 1 was the 2008 NFC Championship loss to the Giants. That season, and hosting the championship game, was an unexpected surprise. The way Favre unraveled at the end hurt, but I can think of some moments that might have been worse. 

Off the top of my head, the way Lindy Infante's teams unraveled after their 10-6 season in 1989 was a low point. Those last couple seasons before they hired Ron Wolf were really depressing. Any early 1990s playoff loss in Dallas. And the wild card playoff loss to the 49ers in 1998 belongs somewhere on this list. And this loss in 1999, which killed any playoff hopes, and effectively ended the aura of the mid-90s Super Bowl teams, was another depressing time.

Which one was the worst? Which low point did I forget to include? How would you rank them?