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On Fines, Ranking Matthews, Offseason Scheduling, and Hard Knocks

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NFL Rule Change Allows For Teams To Be Penalized If Players Make Repeat Illegal Hits - Unsurprisingly Steelers LB James Harrison (who was fined I forget how many times last season) thinks the rule change is stupid, but I agree with Ryan that this is a good idea

Power Rankings: Top 10 defensive players - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Packers LB Clay Matthews comes in 5th place. It's a little harder to compare guys like Troy Polamalu to guys like Matthews, but I'm not sure about ranking DeMarcus Ware ahead of Matthews. He's played in the NFL longer, so he's got that going for him. I can't say for sure because I watch so few Cowboys games that I really haven't watched Ware closely.

Shareholders meeting, Cruise for Cancer dates set; Family Night scheduled (tentatively) - JSOnline. The lockout goes on, but events are being scheduled. 

Would Packers make for good 'Hard Knocks' closeup? - JSOnline. Ugh. At least the Packers weren't one of the finalists in this PFT poll.