"Woodson left off top 10 defensive player power rankings"

I know he didn't have as good of a year in 2010 as he did in 09 but I have a hard time believing that Charles Woodson is the 12th best defensive player in the league. Without a doubt in my mind he should have been top 10 on this list. At least they gave The Claymaker respect and put him 5th on the list but Woodson should have been in the top 10. I have trouble believing that a DT like Haloti Ngata should have been ranked ahead of him. That isnt a diss on the incredible Ngata but I just think that he is less important to the Ravens than Woodson is to the Packers. I honestly believe that C-Wood getting hurt in the Super Bowl and the Packers still winning it knocked him out of the top 10. Forget the fact the guy dove an incredible distance to knock away a sure TD on the play that broke his collarbone. Forget the fact that he still played one more play after that as well. With everything that the Packers asked Woodson to do in this Dom Capers Defense there is no question in my mind that he should have been ranked higher.

Woodson did the same things that Palamalu did this past year. Why is Troy the undisputed number 1 player and Charles not even in the top 10? Clay Matthews might be the heart of the Packers defense but Charles Woodson is the Soul! At his age he still played all over the field and made play after play when it mattered most. I don't believe that it is an insult to call Charles the 12th best player on defense in the league, I just believe that they are WRONG. Replace Ngata on that list with Woodson and I would not have had much to complain about. Matthews in his second year being number 5 is fair in my opinion, Woodson in his 14th year being number 12 is not. I agree with the article saying its hard for a defensive back to make as many plays as a front 7 person and therefore that player gets downgraded, but even with that philosophy Woodson made plays every where on the field. He was so versatile that even when teams DID throw away from him, he still made a play. The guy has perfected the forced fumble football slap and the guy had just won the DPOY award in 09. Even after that at an age when its practically insane to think of a player still playing at a high caliber at CB, he came back with another pro bowl season at age 34. He deserves to be in the top 10 and any list not including him there has an immediate loss of credibility in my opinion.

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