i think that Rodgers and Company might be a little complacent.

i'm attaching a link that i feel shows that player run off site workouts are effective. i can't believe that Aaron Rodgers is less experienced than Sam Bradford. we have 10 new draftees that really need to get in the grove as well as our second year players that will be helped by a well run workout. other than the draftees, everyone already on the team has there super bowl money to cover there expenses. are the Packer players a little fat and happy maybe? check it out.;_ylt=AoXA.Md7rnH9Z8bGiz6RU8uYvMJ_?urn=nfl-wp2154

Here are some other "experts" opinions.

This has turned in to a ...spirited conversation. When I posted it I was merely pointing out that it is the leadership principle involved. Not that they would get better because of the actual work out as much as Aaron forging his leadership of the Packers. By the way. I'm not a "Troll" and I'm not a "Favre Fan". I am and will always be a Packers fan. I have been since 1957 when they drafted Paul Hornung in the first round.

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