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Thursday Morning Green Bay Packers, Other NFL Links: Awesome Dude Maintains Lombardi's Grave, Eli Manning Gets Dissed

Hey there boys and girls. Unlike me, Brandon has a family and a job that does not involve writing about and/or watching sports all day, so I'm gladly taking over some of the daily work here at Acme Packing Company, at least until the European soccer season starts up again and the "day job" becomes more time consuming. Every morning, I'll be dropping some Packers links on you, as well as links to the best stuff of the day from SB Nation's other football blogs.

Packers Links

New Jersey man tends to Vince Lombardi's grave purely out of respect |

Great story from Mike Vandermause about a man who maintains the gravesite of Vince Lombardi simply because of the deep respect he has for the coach.

I Like Alex Green Already | Cheeshead TV

Rookie running back Alex Green isn't getting paychecks from the Packers, but he did get paid for an endorsement recently. So what's he doing with the money? Banking it, like any normal 22-year-old would do. Editor's note: I'm 22, I would buy so much expensive booze with that money.

Ask Vic: Lombardi invented philosophy 'Run to Daylight' |

Another great installment of Vic Ketchman's mailbag.

The best from Wednesday's content around SB Nation after the jump

The Part Where We Pick Through The Quarterback Scrap Heap | Daily Norseman

Brett Favre is gone and Christian Ponder is the future, but there's no way he's starting on opening day this coming season, especially with a shortened (if not non-existent) training camp on the horizon. Daily Norseman looks at a variety of one to two year stopgap starters that they might pursue.

Remember when...the Miami Dolphins hired Cam Cameron? | The Phinsider

The Phinsider revisits one of their organization's decisions that didn't quite work out as expected.

Eli Manning Not In Top 100? Players Diss Giants' Quarterback | Big Blue View

All I have to say is lol. Trent Dilfer has a ring too, guys.