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Why Player Workouts Aren't That Important For The Packers

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This was said by Bears CB Charles Tillman, but it applies to the Green Bay Packers. Via Pro Football Talk:

"I don’t care who you are, I think the only way to get in football shape is to do football things with the team," Tillman said, per Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune. "I can run like I’m Forrest Gump from one coast to the next, but if I don’t do drills that pertain to football, I’m not going to be in football shape. The first day back, even guys who have been working out, it will be a little tough for them just because of the pace we go at. It’s so much faster."

Recently, from JS Online, both RG Josh Sitton and LB Desmond Bishop pointed out that workouts would have little value for lineman and the defensive players without the coaches there too.

QB Aaron Rodgers has talked about organizing player workouts, and arguably the most valuable aspect of player workouts is to have the quarterback work on his timing with his wide receivers, but after five years in the same offensive system with Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, I'm not worried about them.

I don't know if anyone is worried that the Packers aren't organizing any player workouts, but as long as the players are staying in shape, and keeping up with any rehab, such as LB A.J. Hawk who had surgery in February, this isn't an issue for them.