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Honoring Vince Lombardi In New Jersey Before The Super Bowl

Kevin posted a link to to a story from the Press-Gazette about a man who tends to the grave of Vince and Marie Lombardi. And it reminded me of a photo and story that I've been meaning to post for way too long. I received these photos shortly after the Super Bowl, and I've meant to work it into a story ever since.

Don wrote the following to me:

Many Packer Fans make the pilgrimage to Vince's grave-site in the Mt Olivet Cemetery. The faithful leave behind their offerings of Packer paraphernalia and not one thing is ever disturbed or disgraced.
On Super Sunday, there was an honest-to-goodness tailgate party going on over here. Many fans were discussing the game plan for that evening. I saw a Dad & his son kneeling in silent prayer, there was even a fan from Texas that day.

I saw an older lady lean over the headstone and say, "Let's go get 'em today, Vince"
Enjoy these photos, though they don't really capture the Pride that was in the air on the afternoon of the Big Game.