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Friday Morning Green Bay Packers, Other NFL Links: A Super Bowl Hangover And Braylon Edwards Gives Out Scholarships

Green Bay Packers sites dropped some straight doom and gloom on Thursday. We've got stories on a potential Super Blow hangover, slashing payroll, and who might not survive first roster cuts should the NFL lockout ever end. I found some good news as well, because we don't want your morning to suck.

Packers Stories

Who Might Not Survive the Packers Final Roster Cut in 2011? | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

In response to much of this list, most will agree. I have a feeling that most will make a frowny face when they see Tom Crabtree's name.

Packers Might Have Super Bowl Hangover | Total Packers

The Green Bay Packers seem more interested in non-football activities this offseason and during a lockout, that doesn't bode well for a repeat.

If Salary Cap Returns, Packers May Have To Slash Payroll | Cheesehead TV

The Packers already have around $126 million in cash committed to 2011, and that doesn't count any rookies or free agents they will sign, including their own.

Reggie White types don't come along often |

Obvious title is obvious. Another edition of Vic Ketchman's mailbag.

Robinson made big plays for Packers |

A great piece on linebacker Dave Robinson

Guy will get fresh start with Packers |

A late-round pick, Laurence Guy could develop into a great 3-4 defensive end in Green Bay.

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora On Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's 'Violent' Hands | Arrowhead Pride

Good post, but just like everyone else Joel is complaining that one of the players on the team he covers is vastly underrated on those NFL Network rankings. There are 32 teams and all of them have multiple elite players. End short rant, read it anyway.

Braylon Edwards Delivers on Scholarship Promise to Cleveland Students | Dawgs By Nature

Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards did not leave the city with the best reputation, and he didn't do a lot to help his cause when he persisted to trash the city when he first became a member of the New York Jets. He seemed to find "closure" so to speak after last year's game against the team though and pretty much toned his antics down.

If The Bengals Don't Sign A Veteran FA Quarterback: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dalton Starting The First Game Of The Season | Cincy Jungle

Obviously I don't know Andy Dalton personally, so it's possible that he has an absolutely iron will that cannot be broken, but I think it has negative effects on rookies when they get their asses kicked. Waiting a year to start would probably suit Dalton.

That's all for today. You should get a weekend post or two out of me. Until then.