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Michael Vick on Change, A Lesson Not Learned By Many Players

Via Pro Football Talk is a link to an article about a recent appearance by Eagles QB Michael Vick. From the Daily Times:

Vick spoke to Martin Luther King High School students about his criminal dogfighting case and the 544 days he spent in prison, urging them to avoid a similar fate.

"Getting away from all the people that I was used to being around every day, that I thought had general love for me (was tough)," Vick said at the event in North Philadelphia, organized by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia. "The hardest decision was just dedicating my life to change."

I've never been a fan of his, even back when he was with the Falcons, but he's stayed out of trouble since his release from prison. I'm sure it would have been easy for him to fall back into old habits.

The same can't be said of Green Bay Packers DE Johnny Jolly, who got a chance to apply for reinstatement and instead threw that opportunity out the window. It's hard to tell who's really changed and deserves a second chance, and who keeps making the same mistakes in life.