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Packers To Receive Super Bowl Rings on June 16

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The lockout has been waived, temporarily, so the Green Bay Packers can receive their Super Bowl rings. From

The NFL has granted the Packers a special exemption from the league’s no-contact policy during the lockout, should the lockout still be in effect at the time of the ceremony. The ceremony will take place at the Lambeau Field Atrium. It is not open to the public.

I wasn't sure if it's usually a private ceremony, but a quick Google search came up with the Patriots receiving their Super Bowl rings at the owner's home back in 2005. However, the Saints had the event at a hotel with fans outside, but the event was a private ceremony. Since it's being held at the Atrium, fans should be able to see the players coming and going as it was done last year. Maybe we'll hear more about the ceremony in the next couple weeks.