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Murphy: Employees Pay To Be Cut When Packers Miss Revenue

This isn't the most exciting bit of Green Bay Packers news, but it's good to hear that the team's coaches haven't faced a pay cut yet because the organization hasn't lost any revenue. Via Pro Football Talk, from the Press-Gazette:

Murphy said the lockout, which has been in effect for nearly three months, has had only a small financial impact on the Packers, primarily involving sponsorships. But ticket revenue and other areas haven’t fallen off.

This all became public a few days ago when it was said that the coaches had already taken a pay cut, but it turned out that they hadn't. It's a low revenue time for the Packers under normal circumstances, except for season ticket holders' payments, which they've had to do anyway. So it's good to see the team hasn't asked for any pay cuts when they haven't taken a significant financial hit.

The coaches are eager for the lockout to end so they can get back to work, and are stuck in the middle of this labor battle.