"Trent Dilfer talks Packers, Rodgers"

I was bored and flipping through the channels when I came across an interview on channel 32 with Dennis Krause interviewing Trent Dilfer. For somebody I never really liked as a player, I really do like him as an annalist. I decided to take advantage of my DVR and transcribe this interview here for everybody. I think it is a really honest discussion from Dilfer and one that is worth the time put in to make sure more Packer fans get to hear (read) about it. I might have missed a couple of words but I did my best!

The interview came on in the middle and so it did not air the actual question that Dilfer is answering but here is his response:

Trent Dilfer (TD): "What I saw was him assert his will more than anything else. People want to talk about talent and training and all that is important but more than anything else you can trace it back to when he was a high school player and wasn't recruited. He had to go to Butte (community college) and earn it, and then he had to go to Cal and earn it, and then he had to go and sit on the bench and go through his drop in the draft and sit behind a legend and everyday earn the respect of his teammates and all that was a lesson in asserting his will. And then how that manifests itself when the opportunity comes, the talent comes out and it was because his mind and his soul were prepared to let it happen. And it was very colorful to watch because so many people doubted him, and knowing him like I do, fortunately having a history like I do with him, that there was never a doubt that he would reach his potential. And you can't say that for every player, there are a lot of players with immense talent where I sit back and say I'm very scared they will never reach their potential, because I never reached mine and I know what can stop you from doing it and I knew that Aaron wouldn't make those mistakes."

Dennis Krause (DK): "If you were the Packers what would you do with Matt Flynn?"

TD: "I would keep him. I mean, I'm from the Andy Reid school of thought; You can't have enough good quarterbacks. Especially because they like each other, It would be one thing if it was like (Doug) Flutie and Rob Johnson in Buffalo where they actually disliked each other. If you have guys that respect each other and like each other and are good players, and Matt Flynn hasn't arrived. I like him as a player, but once again everybody is talking about Kevin Kolb being the next answer and I'm not so sure HE (Kevin Kolb) has fully arrived and were talking about Matt Flynn who has had one good game which they lost. I think he would be best served and the Packers would be best served to continue to train him and continue to grow him and then the opportunity will present itself to do something with him a year from now or two years from now to do something with him but I don't think now is the time."

DK: "Assuming there is a season will the Packers be the clear cut favorites and what will be their biggest obstacle to repeat?"

TD: "The biggest obstacle will be that they are not together right now. And of course, McCarthy doesn't have the chance to send the right messages right now. The biggest problem with repeating is the mindset of your team and when your not together there is no opportunity to send the right message to your team. Think about it, you have 65 people on your team right now out their living the dream, living the big life, and that's dangerous. I guarantee you this coaching staff is scared to death to get it back together and say o.k. what is everybody's mind set. Look at what got them there, they weren't the most talented team, they had the greatest mindset, they were the physically and mentally toughest team and to recreate that is going to be an immense challenge."

Very honest answers and I believe he is pretty much correct here. His answer on Flynn he kind of trailed off what he was saying and went directly into his secondary point, I didn't leave out the rest of the first part of his answer. It looks like I just moved on there, so I wanted to clarify that it was Dilfer that temporarily lost track of what he was saying! I can't wait to see the Packers get their minds right again though. I'm not worried about their mindset as much as the impending lockout. I just hope they get the opportunity to defend their title. We all know that the city of Green Bay can not afford this lockout, so lets all hope that both sides get their heads out of the sand and make a deal. Lots of people in this city and all across the country are collectively holding their breaths. That is not the Collective Bargaining Agreement we all want to see!

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