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Pro Football Focus: Finley Has Great Hands

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Last week, Pro Football Focus had a post on tight ends who did a great job at catching the passes that were thrown their way. One of the best over the past three season has been Green Bay Packers TE Jermichael Finley. He dropped just above 6% of the catchable passes thrown to him since 2008, which is among the Top 10 in the NFL. From Pro Football Focus:

When Jermichael Finley returns and replaces Andrew Quarless, they’re not just getting back a more dynamic receiving option, they’re going from a guy who dropped 13.33% of catchable balls, to a guy who didn’t drop any of the 21 that came his way (an amount just shy of the qualifying total).  It’s almost unfair that the Super Bowl champions get that kind of upgrade.

Among the worst players is former Packer TE Donald Lee, who dropped 12% of his pass attempts over the past three seasons. I've had the same problem with him, so I'm not really sorry to see him go.

On the other hand, I'll stick up for Quarless. He did have some bad drops last season, but he barely qualified for this analysis because he's only had 30 passes thrown to him in his career, for a grand total of 4 drops. That's a small sample size, and right now his grade is incomplete.