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I'm Glad The Packers Didn't Draft Kyle Wilson

I love to speculate about the draft, but I do not pretend to know any better then the Green Bay Packers front office. After the 2009 wildcard playoff collapse to the Cardinals, I wanted the Packers to add a cornerback, and I would have been happy if they had drafted Boise State CB Kyle Wilson. Instead he went to the Jets at the end of the first round, and had trouble staying on the field. From Gang Green Nation:

Wilson was drafted out of Boise only playing the outside position, which is vastly different from the inside he was forced into when Darrelle Revis returned from his holdout. By the time the season began, Wilson had lost his job to Drew Coleman. However, before the season, Wilson played well in preseason games and was impressive in camp. It's no coincidence that he was at his best when playing and practicing the outside positions. Give this kid some time to learn a new spot. 

His learning curve would have been a lot easier with the Packers because he would have played exclusively on the outside, and left the inside to CB Charles Woodson. And this post isn't to rip on Wilson, who would have had a solid rookie season with the Packers, but to praise the Packers front office.

Instead of drafting Wilson to be their third cornerback, they drafted a starting right tackle in Bryan Bulaga, and arguably found a better undrafted cornerback in Sam Shields. It didn't seem obvious in April 2010 that they'd added depth at two positions that really needed it, but that's the way it has worked out.