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Will the Packers Regret Not Drafting a Quarterback?

Nearly a week since the beginning of round one started, I feel a lot more confident since reviewing Ted Thompson's draft selections. After rounds one and two I originally felt a little unsettled as the Packers were yet to draft a defensive tackle, but it's good to know both Ricky Elmore and Lawrence Guy have now filled one of the Packers biggest needs.

However, I do have one minor nitpick with Thompson's draft campaign: the lack of a quarterback.

As we all know, Matt Flynn's future is cloudy at best. Graham Harrell is still developing in the third string role, so if the unthinkable were to happen and Aaron Rodgers was to fall injured, Green Bay could find themselves scratching their heads.

Here's some of the remaining undrafted free agents the Packers could take a look at:

Pat Devlin

You won't be sold by what Pat Devlin has to offer straight away. He showed up 30 minutes late to his own Pro Day after reportedly enduring an all night bender with JaMarcus Russell, and has serious accuracy issues in the passing game.

But on game day, scouts believe Devlin has what it takes to become a successful backup in the NFL. As a junior he threw for 2,264 yards and 16 touchdowns, while he could also develop into a mobile quarterback given he only weighs 220 pounds.

I like Devlin the most out of the many potential options. He is rough around the edges, but is the kind of quarterback who can be molded into a mature star.

Scott Tolzein

There's a lot more reasons to like Scott Tolzein other than the fact that he is from Wisconsin.

Like Devlin, Tolzein has impressive stats which could transition into the NFL nicely. Last season he threw for 2,459 yards and six touchdowns, but he also has a low interception ratio that would please most head coaches.

The only problem I do have with Tolzein is his big time play ability. He is the kind of quarterback that relies heavily on open receivers, rather than creating a play on his own. Then again, he does have tremendous vision, so don't be surprised if we are discussing Tolzein like we are Matt Flynn in five years time.

Zach Frazer

Connecticut's Zach Frazer is a wildcard pick that most fans forget about. He himself felt "confident" someone would draft him in rounds six to seven last weekend, but Frazer now falls into the category of undrafted free agents.

Last season Frazer threw for just five touchdowns in 2010, however, he did have 1425 yards to his name. According to, Frazer also had an 8-2 record when starting for the team.

Personally, this is the kind of pick Thompson may go for. He is an unknown prospect that many teams will forget about, yet he is the kind of quarterback Thompson will somehow see talent in. Scouts say Frazer has a great completion percentage, and is also a quarterback who can be relied upon.

Sounds like a possible steal to me.

The Other Option - Trade Matt Flynn

The final option is to trade Matt Flynn sometime in the near future. Depending on the lockout Flynn is likely to hang around throughout 2011, but the Packers can easily gain a high round pick by trading him to a willing bidder.

Currently the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins are all in need of a young quarterback, while there is only enough Vince Young's and Kevin Kolb's to share around.

The Packers certainly aren't short of options in free agency. And after years of messing around with the quarterback game, now may be the time to pickup a suitable prospect.


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