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Lombardi Trophy at Packers Hall of Fame

Banners fly forever. The 13-Time World Champions unveiled the Lombardi Trophy as they begin their Return to Titletown exhibit. From the Press-Gazette:

Fresh from etching of the final score at Tiffany & Co. in New York City and delivery by Brinks security company, the trophy is the prime piece in the display that recaps the season.

This is so cool, and it's appropriate to keep taking a victory lap from time-to-time. Unfortunately I didn't have a photo available of the etched trophy, my photo is from the Super Bowl, but you get the idea. 

As often as I criticize them for not making all the right moves each season, it's unrealistic to expect them to win it all every year in a league where only one out of thirty two teams win, and a one game elimination playoff can always be unpredictable. Making it to the Super Bowl, and winning, is something to savor.