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Packers Ask Season Ticket Holders About Their South End Zone Plans

It's not a matter of if, but when will the Green Bay Packers expand seating on the south end zone. The team is looking for fan input, but only from season ticket holders. From

The various options being explored include bleacher seating, stadium seating and standing-room-only areas. All of the ideas involve outside seating, with some areas underneath a canopy cover and some with access to viewing platforms and lounge areas that include food and beverage packages.

These initial drawings are a little crazy because they present three types of seating in this section. I'm not trying to be a purist. I think they'll be a little more consistent in the final version. It might be a good idea to install stadium seating, or give that section some extra perk, because those seats will be the furthest from the field.

And I really couldn't care about the concessions area. I try to spend as little time there as possible during the game. I want to watch the game.