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The Arden Hills Vikings: Stadium Deal 'Very, Very Close'

It's been a big week of stadium news for the Minnesota Vikings. It was announced that the Dome Will Rise again in July, and it appears that the Vikings have put together a stadium deal with the state and county. Though this is not a done deal.

If the Vikings had moved their franchise to Los Angeles instead of squeezing the state of Minnesota for a new stadium, it would have obviously changed their rivalry with the Green Bay Packers. I don't expect the state of Minnesota is getting a good deal out of this. Other than they get to keep their NFL team, which has a lot of non-monetary value. I expect the Vikings and NFL will pay for about one-third of the cost, while all the extra revenue will flow to the Vikings. The rich get richer.

But the new stadium won't be at the site of the Metrodome, or anywhere near downtown. Tom Pelissero reports that it will be located in Arden Hills, MN, at the site of an old munitions plant. Insert your own bomb joke here. It's about 13 miles from the Metrodome.

While I'm familiar with downtown Minneapolis, I've never been to Arden Hills. Is anyone familiar with this area? Do you think this will be a good location? Or is just any location still in Minnesota a good location at this point?