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Have You Missed All The Brett Favre Retirement Stories This Year?

Apparently I'm just looking for trouble. I know he's filed his retirement papers and this time he really means it, though his buddy Darrell Bevell is now the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks. The Associated Press caught up with him recently at the Oak Grove High School football camp. From The

Brett Favre says he might become a coach or do work as a television analyst in the future, though he has no plans to enter either field anytime soon.

I had always thought that his waffling about retirement would mean he would go out with a whimper, and unfortunately that's exactly what's happened. Maybe that's a better option then ending your career with an interception in the NFC Championship game. 

But my main reason for bringing him up is the idea that he could either coach or work in television. Could you imagine him doing either? Maybe he meant coaching a high school team? Or public access TV?