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On Cullen Jenkins Offering The Packers A Discount

With free agency bound to happen at some point, and the draft in the rear view mirror, it's time to beat free agency topics into the ground.

Brad Biggs has a quote from Green Bay Packers DE Cullen Jenkins after a recent radio interview. From National Football Post:

"I knew in going to them, I know Green Bay, I know the market, I know how they handle business, and the thought was if we could get something reasonable worked out, I knew I would take less than what I could’ve gotten in free agency. But they never approached me with anything and never got any type of negotiations going. It’s just how the business is. They had a lot of younger guys and felt they could move forward in that direction."

While he didn't sound eager to give them a home town discount, he knew that any negotiations would involve some discount. He might have expected one because he was talking to them before he became a free agent, and that might have been as long as over a year ago. Any team would have expected some discount before he became a free agent.

This doesn't appear to be a bitter dispute. Jenkins can expect one more big contract in his career, while it seems unlikely the Packers can afford to keep all their players and stay under the salary cap. Based on his age, and injuries over the past three seasons, he might be one of the players they can afford to lose.