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Hawk: Was Never Aware Of Violations at Ohio State

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As wide spread as the scandal at Ohio State seems to reach, it's odd that Green Bay Packers LB A.J. Hawk claims he had no idea it was going on. From ESPN:

"I have people on my team in Green Bay that try to joke with me and act like, OK we know people at Ohio State are doing that," Hawk said "The crazy thing is, in my four years there, I never saw anything like that. ... That never got inside the locker room, I would say. It was never anything I was aware of. 

Was the entire thing kept to certain groups of players on the team, and it didn't necessarily get onto the radar of every player? I don't think anything bad of Hawk for it, I'm often the last one to know about something going on amongst my friends or at the office, so I might have been just as blind to it as he was.