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Wednesday Morning Green Bay Packers, NFL Links: Packers Revenue Steady, The No. 30 Shirt, And Adrian Peterson Is Really Good

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Hey there kids, I'm back after a fun Memorial Day weekend. On today's edition of your Green Bay Packers and NFL links and news, we take a look at A.J. Hawk's shock regarding the Jim Tressel situation, the history of the No. 30 shirt, Adrian Peterson being awesome, Freddie Mitchell's mouth, and most importantly, our beloved Green and Gold having plenty of money.

Packers Links

Best by numbers: No. 30 | looks at the best players to ever wear No. 30 for the Packers. No, John Kuhn didn't make the list, but I'm hoping he will be in the category of those other fine gentlemen someday.

Hawk: 'Definitely surprised' about Tressel - NFC North Blog - ESPN

Green Bay Packers coach A.J. Hawk played four seasons under Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Tuesday, Hawk strongly defended Tressel. Personally, I think Hawk is at least slightly full of it.

BBAO: Packers revenue steady - NFC North Blog - ESPN

Well that's a good sign.

Lockout's likely run its course - JSOnline

Michael Hunt's column on JSOnline about why he thinks the lockout is nearing an end.

Check out what's going on around SB Nation after the jump.

ESPN Football Writers Vote Adrian Peterson NFL's Best Offensive Player* - Daily Norseman

Adrian Peterson finished in a tie for the top spot in an ESPN poll of the best offensive players in the NFL.

NFLPA Coming Out With Their Own Rookie Symposium For 2011 Draft Picks -

The rookie symposium is back on with the NFLPA announcing their will conduct their own two-day event to help 2011 draft picks become acclimated to NFL life. 

With NFL Lockout In Place, Cris Collinsworth Picks Up High School Job - From Our Editors -

A few weeks ago NBC's Cris Collinsworth predicted that the NFL lockout would last into the season and we wouldn't see football in 2011. He even detailed what an abbreviated season would look like and, to be honest, it scared me a little bit because no football until November could very well happen. 

NFL Lockout: At What Point Is 2011 Season Ruined? -

Good question.

Freddie Mitchell Sides With The Owners, Mocks Team Workouts - Bleeding Green Nation

Freddie Mitchell is generally average at catching the football (except on 4th and 26), but he's really good at running his mouth.