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Packer Linemen Gather In Tennessee For Workouts

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There was a small story about it last week, but this week several Green Bay Packers linemen are in Tennessee for workouts. From Fox Sports:

Wells and his agent (Brian Parker of Rep 1 Sports Group) helped organize three days of workouts this week with seven of his fellow offensive linemen in Franklin, Tenn.

This all feels very staged. First, it's a Fox Sports exclusive that prominently mentions C Scott Wells, his agent, the trainer, and the training facility. The Press-Gazette has more about it because the Associated Press received an email from Wells, who said that it was an opportunity to "talk shop" so I don't think the workout was really anything more than each player could have done on his own. It sounded more like some men who are used to working in a team environment and were getting a little homesick for it.

But I found this part interesting:

Two other starters from last year’s championship team — left tackle Chad Clifton and right guard Josh Sitton — as well as veterans Mark Tauscher and T.J. Lang were among the players who attended.

In attendance are three returning starters. A top backup (Lang) who might challenge for the starting left guard job.

And a player (Tauscher) who I thought might retire. Instead, it looks like he's getting ready for the 2011 season. But I still think he'll have a tough time keeping his roster spot unless he accepts a significant pay cut to remain as a backup.